The Confidence a Great Photo can give you is Priceless!


The Confidence a Great Photo can give you is Priceless!

Date: Thursday, 12 February 2015

While taking fantastic photos is always what I strive for, having the ability to help change one person's life from a photo shoot is mind blowing!

Recently I did this shoot for Elaine Schuck from LJ Hooker, our local real estate agent.  She was wanting to support the cancer society during pink ribbon week, so gathered these lovely ladies together.  One was her daughter, the other a close work colleague, and the others were friends. One lady nearly pulled the pin on the shoot, as this was a huge step for her to have her photo taken, and promote that she is a survivor of breast cancer.  It is difficult to imagine what a woman goes through experiencing breast cancer and how this can damage your confidence.  I worked gently with her on the day and gained her confidence and came up with a lovely shot of the ladies.  I'm sure you will have no idea which of these lovely ladies is the cancer survivor.

Last week, I bumped into her at a coffee shop in Clyde.   I noticed she was in her in work uniform, and that she was now working for a different company.   We had a chat,  and she said that ever since she did the photo shoot she looked at her life differently and decided she was going to start living life to the full - the photo shoot was her first big step forward after recovery.  I was blown away that I had contributed to such a significant decision and it gave me warm fuzzies knowing that I was able to help this lovely lady change her life plans.  All it took was a bit of nurturing during the photo shoot, and encouraging her that she could do this.