Photographing the Photographer!


Photographing the Photographer!

Date: Monday, 04 May 2015

Photographing another photographer is something you don't do a lot. You question I do things the way they would?  But you go with you natural gut feeling and create the images. Having a magic landscape and wonderful lighting certainly helps.  And at the end of the day, I know the photographer wouldn't have me take her family photos if I couldn't step up to the mark!  

The Christie family, who now live in Christchurch, charged me to take their family photos.  Originally hailing from Southland and familiar with my work from my days living down south, it made me realise the value of having those southern connections.  You don't realise the impact you have on people over the years when part of the Southland community, so its great to know that people connect me to both Southland and Central Otago.  

We found a brilliant spot at Banockburn for the session and I captured the family well.  As an added bonus one of the family member's pointed out that I had put my daughter's rego on my car window.  Great spotting is all I can say!