Why You Should Use a Professional Photographer for your Wedding.


Why You Should Use a Professional Photographer for your Wedding.

Date: Wednesday, 21 January 2015


With the advent of digital cameras, has also seen a rise in the number of amateur photographers.  It is great to see a surge in interest in photography, but these 'hobby' photograhers often believe they have the skills to capture those special moments to the quality that a professional photographer can.  Sadly this is rarely the case.  

Recently, I was at the wedding of Clare and Justin, where unfortunately it poured with rain throughout the photo shoot. It didn't bother me apart from getting a bit wet, but obviously was a great disappointment to Clare and Justin.  I believe no matter what the weather gods dish up, you just need to have faith in your professional photographer, who will guide you throughout the day.  Even with the rain bucketing down, I was able to capture those magic shots. Upon receving their images, there were lots of tears as they could not believe how beautiful the shots were.  Clare had this to say,

"Jacqui we can not stop looking at our wedding photos, you are the most amazing photographer!!!  On what was a miserable wet Southland day, you still managed to capture the most gorgeous photos, which we will treasure for ever.  I keep thinking "is that really us???" and sure enough it is.  We love every single one of them.  You are a true professional.  Thank you."    

And that is one of the many reasons why you should use a professional photographer for your wedding.